Gives Back

Our dedication to making a positive impact is reflected in our investment in both our staff and the wider community.

The Rock Community

Ten Full RX23 Scholarships

To encourage community engagement, build relationships, and share insights, we've provided Spark with 10 all-expenses-paid scholarships to the RX23 Conference to assist community members who otherwise couldn't attend.

The Rock Community

Ten Master Class Scholarships

We are passionate about helping people reach their full potential and achieve their goals in Rock. To support this mission, we have provided Spark with 10 scholarships for Master Class training.

The Rock Community

Supporting the Future

Rock is solving ministry problems in unique ways and Triumph is committed to supporting that work. In addition to giving back as a Rock Partner, we have sponsored the development of twelve NextGen Rock blocks.

The Rock Community

Church Hardware Fund

We understand the importance of providing churches with the tools they need to run their ministries effectively. To support small churches that can't afford check-in hardware, we've created a fund to supply them with this equipment.

Other Ways We Give Back.

Ministry Badge Maker

We understand that creating custom badges in Rock can be challenging. That's why we've built a free Ministry Badge Maker that instantly creates a wide range of custom badges that can be imported into Rock.

Magnus VSCode Plugin

Our team invested in building Magnus, a Visual Studio Code extension, recognizing the need to edit managed content in Rock quickly and with a rich experience. This is the most powerful content editing tool for Rock and we provide it free to the community.

Rock Skills Rubric

To help our staff assess their skills and create a path for growth, we developed the Rock Skills Rubric. Recognizing its value for the community, we've made this powerful tool available to anyone who wants to improve their skills and achieve their goals.

Profit Sharing for Triumph Staff

Our staff of 35 is committed to serving Rock churches with excellence. We love sharing our profits with our gritty and growth-minded team, who work hard to make a difference.