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Triumph can help make your Rock website multilingual in 100+ languages with ease.
Rock RMS Multilingual Translation Service

How It Works

Once configured, your website will be dynamically translated. No browser requirements, no manual translations, no work. Even dynamic and personalized content will be translated to your visitor’s language. Imagine: content channels, HTML blocks and workflows all internationalized for you using the leading translation AI.

How We Help

Triumph will evaluate your current Rock website and help you tune it for the industry's top internationalization web service. We’ll also walk you through the setup and work with you to integrate it to match your site’s theme. Once setup, we’ll provide training resources to help you manage the site on your own (it’s super easy).

State of Machine Translation for Ministry Websites

Find out the latest on adding language translation to your website with our latest whitepaper.

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State of Machine Translation for Ministry Websites


  • 100+ Languages: Over 100 of the most popular languages supported.
  • Context Editing: Easily override the translation of specific words or phrases.
  • Automatic & Human Translation: While the system uses the best machine learning from Microsoft, DeepL, Google and Yandex, you can also choose to have select content translated by professional human translators.
  • Optimized for SEO: Your translated pages are automatically indexed, following Google best practices in terms of multilingual SEO.
  • Exclude Content: Through configuration, you can choose to exclude pages or even parts of pages on your site.
Rock RMS Multilingual Translation Service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does translation work with all Rock blocks and pages?
    Some blocks and Rock features may not support language translation. Those on the frontline of new Rock features may experience issues, if not, complete incompatibility. Currently, Obsidian blocks of any kind are not supported for translation.
  • Don’t many browsers support the translation of text?
    While it’s true that many browsers like Chrome can translate pages before showing them to the individual, this is slower and provides a less-than-desirable user experience. It’s basically telling your visitor that they aren’t welcome unless they translate the site themselves. It’s also not SEO friendly.
  • What about the Google Translate service?
    Google has recently shut down their website translation service to push people to use the Chrome browser toolset.
  • Can I see it in action?
    Yes, our Triumph website is currently running the service. Check out our language selector at the bottom of the page.
  • What is the pricing of this service?
    There are two main factors for pricing. The first is the initial setup and integration. Triumph will partner with you to review your site and provide an estimate. After integration, there is a single monthly cost that you’ll pay directly to the translation service. The monthly pricing is dependent on how many languages you’d like to support and the number of words per month translated. A typical organization can expect to pay around $25-$60 per month. We can work with you to help provide a more accurate estimate before you sign up.

Coming Soon

We’re working to provide even more multilingual support for Rock. Current development is working to:

  • Provide workflow actions that can convert form entry from one language to another.

  • Translate incoming and outgoing communications (SMS and email).
  • And much more.


Make your Rock powered website multilingual with one of the select packages below. All plans require the Triumph Web Agility plug-in and a implementation fee of $850 for one site or $1,100 for two sites.



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