Roku & Fire TV Apps

Meet your attendees right where they are each weekend with Rock-integrated TV apps for Roku and Fire TV.

How it Works

Drive digital sermon engagement simply with dynamic message and series content delivered seamlessly to both apps through Rock. Easy content updates in one Rock location will reach your audiences in multiple apps. Both TV apps will be styled to match your branding for a unique TV experience. We also offer a fully Rock-powered custom Apple TV App experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions many people have when considering TV Apps.

  1. Where should I host my video content?

    Currently our TV apps support videos hosted on Wistia and Vimeo (with a Pro, Business or Premium account). If your videos are hosted on another platform, you'll want to confirm with us that it is supported before beginning a project. Please note the YouTube video hosting is not supported.

  2. How customizable is the design for these apps?

    The designs have some platform limitations, with Roku offering some additional flexibility over Fire TV. We will utilize your brand colors, logo and image(s) to style the apps. We can send you a guide to illustrate the items that can be adjusted for your branding.

  3. Can the TV apps show my live stream?

    Roku allows for live streaming, however Fire TV does not.

  4. Can we build just one of the apps?

    These apps are built, delivered and hosted as a package.

  5. Can we see these apps in action?

    Sure! Just search for Rock Solid Church on both Roku and Fire TV and look for the Rock logo. You can explore the apps to see exactly what will be delivered and how your images and colors will be applied.


Add Rock-integrated TV apps to your digital engagement strategy with one of the select packages below. Initial set up cost is $2,499 for both apps.


Up to 1,500 Regular Attendees


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Up to 5,000 Regular Attendees


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Up to 12,000 Regular Attendees


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Up to 20,000 Regular Attendees


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