Migration & Implementation

Work with the team that built Rock to evaluate your ministry needs and guide your data migration and Rock implementation.

Our Process

Moving from one platform to another is a lot like moving houses. Your data will need to be unpacked and your furniture rearranged to suit the new configuration. In fact, we compare the whole process to moving on several points, which can help you anticipate the next steps. The image below illustrates our approach to custom implementations.

We offer several a la carte migration and implementation options as well. You can find out more about these options on our Rock Cloud managed hosting pages.

Data Migration

We’ll recommend infrastructure sizing for your organization, set up your Rock install and migrate your data into Rock. Throughout the course of the implementation, we’ll convert your data into the correct locations and confirm that you can see what you need where you need it.

Implementation Discovery Meetings

We will meet with your ministry teams to understand their needs and help identify what is required for a Minimum Viable Product Rock implementation. We’ll take your input to scope a three-point estimate and project management strategy for the work that will be required in order to launch.

Implementation Retainer

The work to be completed before launch will be done inside a monthly implementation retainer with a fixed duration. During that time, we’ll work with your team to continue converting your data, building out your features and demonstrating the function.


Before launch, we’ll train your internal team trainers on how to use the Rock features that have been built, so you’re ready to go before the cutover date.

Go-Live Week

During the final week of the implementation, we’ll follow a planned process to complete a final data conversion with fresh data and get your team set up for your first weekend on Rock.

Post Go-Live Support

After you launch, we’ll make sure you have the support you need for the inevitable “whitewater” time period that follows. It may seem overwhelming, but you can count on our team to help you navigate this short-term change. After a few weeks, we’ll consider your MVP implementation complete.

Optional Support Retainer

Upon completion of the implementation, you can partner with our team in a monthly support retainer to help you continue to implement your longer-term ministry processes and vision. Working with our team, you’ll tell us what tasks and projects you need help on, and the priority in which to get them done. Consider our team an extension of yours and allow us to help you with the strategy required to apply best practices to your unique requirements.

Featured Migration & Implementation Partnerships

Crossroads Church

In a custom data migration and Rock implementation as they moved from Ministry Platform, our teams collaborated on a launch that included 7 million lines of data and 34 Rock-based features.

Church of The Highlands

Partnered to implement unique infrastructure and customized solutions for weekend communications, check-in and volunteer onboarding.

Eagle Brook Church

This move to Rock included migrating data from CCB, implementing basic features for eight ministry teams, as well as many time-saving customizations, documentation and training.

Red Rocks Church

Supporting a church's high-tech vision with a seamless transition from CCB to Rock RMS through data migration, feature implementation and training.

Pinelake Church

Partnering in a rapid cutover from CCB, our team consulted and configured basic features for their launch, and continued development post-launch to customize their Rock experience, including a core extension of the prayer feature and migrating documents from CCB.

Athey Creek Christian Fellowship

In a complex migration project, we partnered to bring in data from CCB and Elvanto, developed custom training materials and provided process consulting for a successful Rock launch.

Bayside Church

In a migration from F1, our team provided immediate feature implementation and training, as well as long term platform configuration to deliver campus-focused pages and dashboards to support their ministry.

Celebration Church

In a seamless transition for day-to-day ministry needs, we successfully migrated Celebration from two platforms, CCB and PCO, into Rock and built out the features and training needed to support their new system.

Church on the Move

Moving from a custom in-house database, our team developed the scripts to move their data and configure their Rock features and unique Rock web portal to support this dynamic outreach-focused organization.

Hope City Church

In a complex data migration moving people and groups from Planning Center, and financials from CCB, our team consolidated their data, implemented their features and trained their staff, providing for powerful, simplified ministry insights.

Free Chapel

Adding product insights to a nationwide ministry vision, our team provided the consultation and support to migrate their data and processes from CCB and custom developed features to core Rock functionality, providing for simple long-term maintenance.

River Valley Church

In a multi-year data sync from Arena to Rock, our team partnered with River Valley to provide sync updates and support while their internal team built out their Rock instance and provided staff training.

The Church of Eleven22

Supporting a move from CCB to Rock, our team built out significant custom processes and workflows for a smooth staff transition and seamless congregational engagement.

North Point Ministries

In a series of data migrations from Arena and implementation consultation, we supported the data aspects of North Point's multi-year migration and implementation project.

Watermark Community Church

Through an Arena-to-Rock data sync, we provided Watermark with the structural data foundation for their on-staff technical team's full implementation project.

Christ Fellowship Church

Starting with syncing their data from Arena to Rock, our partnership with Christ Fellowship has supported unique digital requirements through feature implementation and custom development.

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